KATIE HESTER - Piano, Flute, Guitar

 Katie Hester has taught music for over 20 years.  She is primarily a piano teacher in Acworth.  Katie earned a B.A. in Music Education, with a concentration on flute performance, at Wayne State University.  Her love for several styles of music and instruments has inspired her to continue studies in piano, guitar, flute and saxophone.  Katie has taught piano, guitar, flute, and other music lessons in Acworth and surrounding areas since 2007.  She also has experience as a band and general music director in public and private schools.  Katie Hester is a trusted professional in her areas of study.  Aiming to be thorough, yet flexible, fun, and well-rounded is her approach to teaching music.  With Katie, students are taught the fundamentals of music while still having the chance to incorporate learning various styles.  She looks forward to sharing her love of music with her students as well as helping educate and facilitate students with other teachers!

Katie has performed in numerous bands/orchestras as well as solo.  She is experienced in classical, rock, jazz/blues, and Contemporary Christian music.  She is able to perform by reading or by ear.  Katie believes in achieving musical success with all students.  This is accomplished through a focus on the fundamentals of rhythm, reading notes, understanding theory, etc.  She is determined to have students who enjoy learning music.  After all, a student who enjoys a subject is likely to continue studying it!  Katie Hester actively composes and records for both herself and others.  Katie currently teaches flute, piano, and guitar lessons in Acworth, Kennesaw, Woodstock, and surrounding areas.   Visit her other site at this link:  breakthroughmusictoday.com . 

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Dennis Carrera is a guitarist and vocalist who has been playing professionally for over 40 years.  He was educated at Berkeley College of Music in Boston Massachusetts in its Music Education Program.  Dennis has been a guitar teacher for over 30 years with experience instructing children, teens, and adults as well as group ensembles.  He has a vast knowledge of music theory that he incorporates into each individual lesson.

Dennis's philosophy of teaching is to instruct, but also listen to his students. He seeks to know what each student's individual goals are, what motivates them musically, and strives to meet each student's goals using these methods.  He loves several styles of music, and tries to instill this passion into his students.  He feels this makes for a more rounded student.  Dennis was a touring musician with a show band that traveled the country.  He also has been in duo's, wedding and rock bands.  This gave him an opportunity to be exposed to many other musicians and styles of music which has contributed to his music knowledge.  Dennis also has experience teaching music theory to children and adults with disabilities.  He teaches guitar lessons in Woodstock, Acworth, Kennesaw, and surrounding areas.

MARINA WHITE - Piano, Voice, Music Theory

Marina's education includes a Master degree of Arts, with 15 years of specializing in “Music Pedagogy and Education”.  She teaches piano, voice and choir, and conducting.  She started her teaching career as a kindergarten music and arts teacher and later as a music school conductor.  She has been part of a Christian blues-rock band that won its first tour in a rock festival, and later participated in a Christian band where she wrote music.  Marina also held a worship group leader position (conductor and director) at a mega church where special event choirs could reach as many as 1000 singers.  During this time, the church’s worship team recorded an album including two songs Marina composed.  She has continued her own education by studying with greats such as Ukrainian pop star, Marina Odolskaya, music industry specialist Peggy Still Johnson, and others.
Marina loves people and is great at educating, motivating and supporting children and adults alike.  She teaches piano, music theory, and voice lessons in Marietta, Acworth, Kennesaw, and surrounding areas.  If you are ready for a great music teacher, and to be inspired, consider Marina!

LAURA KASIBANTE - Piano, Trumpet, Violin

Music has always been an important part of Laura's life.  As a child, and teen, she was involved in playing both violin and trumpet in varieties of ensembles before she majored in elementary music education at Florida State University and graduated in 2004.  She began learning guitar, piano, and other instruments while at University and then taught music in Cobb County Georgia Schools for four years.  Laura also became certified in Orff Schulwerk Education Levels I and II.  Her love of music and adventure took her to Africa in 2008, when she moved to Uganda.  During her time in Uganda she taught elementary music at two schools, Heritage International School and the International School of Uganda (ISU).  She also taught private lessons (piano, trumpet, and violin) to the diverse international population in the school and church communities in the area.  Laura was also involved in different church productions, musicals, and taught children’s choir. While teaching at ISU (2015-2018), she had the privilege of learning a new approach to education, called the “International Baccalaureate”.  Using the “IB” approach in both classrooms and private lessons helped Laura’s students to grow their critical thinking skills, to take responsibility for their own learning, to reflect upon what they have learned, the value of collaborating with others, and to have more ownership of their learning.  Laura is passionate about modeling “how to be a successful learner” to her students.  She currently teaches piano, violin, and trumpet lessons in Acworth and Kennesaw.  Above all, Laura feels that the most important part of learning, creating, and making music is experiencing joy!  She aims to transfer that Joy of Music to students with Homestyle Music.

RICHARD ROSS - Guitar, Piano, Electric Bass Guitar 

Richard has been a professional musician and teacher for over 25 years.  He primarily teaches guitar lessons in Marietta.  He has taught as an adjunct Professor of Jazz Guitar at Miami-Dade Community College.  He has also taught as a general music teacher for the Broward Public Schools in south Florida and for the Cobb County District Schools in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Richard has studied guitar privately for 15 years with Vince Bredice who has published many books on guitar for Mel Bay Publishers, one of the largest music publishers in the world.  Richard has done private studies in Early Music of the Renaissance period with Joseph Ladone, a disciple of Paul Hindemith.  He attended seminars in Jazz Guitar with legendary guitarists Joe DiOrio, Tal Farlow, and Jack Wilkins. 

Richard's philosophy of teaching is to help the student play the music that he or she wants to play.  He gives students practical understandings of their instruments (piano, guitar, or electric bass) and music theory.  He teaches the skills that enable students to apply themselves to all forms of music.  He currently provides piano, bass, and guitar lessons in Marietta.  With Richard, each student is an individual and is taught in a manner that inspires his or her personality.