Recently, I had a one of those "bad days at work."  After the negative event occurred, I said a few prayers and asked God to help me stay positive and maintain a good mood.  I believe my prayer was answered when God reminded me I had a CD of classic church hymns that my good friend Linda Gail Lewis recorded.  The classic rock n' roll diva gave me a CD of songs that she and her brother, piano-maestro Jerry Lee Lewis used to sing in church.  Like Linda and Jerry, I grew up in the South singing songs in church that stirred my soul and reminded me of how God had never left me and that I could "do all things through Christ who strengthened me."  Linda told me she recorded those gospel tunes because she "wanted the old songs that she grew up with, to be an inspiration to those who remember and love them."  She also wanted those "traditional southern gospel songs to inspire young people" who would be hearing them for the first time.  Linda's CD featured several popular greats including: "The Old Rugged Cross" and a rockin' rendition of "Do Lord."  After listening to the hymns that Linda and her daughter Annie Marie recorded, I felt SO MUCH BETTER!  I felt like an airline pilot who just inhaled some purified oxygen to wake myself up.  Although that CD is currently not sold online, I am sure others like myself can find their own choices of music to be inspired by, like THE GOSPEL MUSIC of JOHNNY CASH or HE TOUCHED ME: THE GOSPEL MUSIC of ELVIS PRESLEY...and the list goes on....

        Linda and Annie reminded me of my past work as a professional counselor.  Music can alter levels of cortisol and dopamine in the brain.  Many studies have been authored and published through the years about how music can help with brain functions including, mood, concentration, and memory.  I found an interesting article by Sharuna Segaren about how listening to music while studying might affect students.  I found it here on the web at: 

Find some music to perform yourself or simply to listen to and feel better!  --James Hester

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