Math is a Musician's Friend!

Recently, Homestyle Music owner / recording artist Katie Hester (my awesome wife) reminded me of how math and music are so connected.  She said it was due to the "spatial reasoning" in the brain and how the concepts of time and rhythm in music are simply mathematical.  The conversation Katie and I had reminded me of an excellent article I read that shared similar ideas about the marriage of math to music.  Canadian entertainment lawyer Byron Pascoe, and his firm Edwards Law, recently gave me permission to share his article "Math is a musician's friend!" here on the site for Breakthrough Music Today.  In the article, Mr. Pascoe shared about how musicians should not be afraid of the math involved in considering their earnings and how to manage or promote their creations.  I originally found his article published by web host Bandzoogle, a site for musicians and related businesses.

In the piece by Pascoe he shared a quote from Vanessa Vakharia, Founder/CEO of The Math Guru.  She is also a founding member of "Goodnight, Sunrise," an indie rock band from Toronto.  Vakharia is quoted as having said "A successful musician doesn't need to be able to solve quadratic equations. But entering the music business (yes, business!) with an attitude that math is to be feared, simply makes no sense!"  She and her band "Goodnight, Sunrise" had to use math "to calculate the SOCAN royalties that would be paid to them for opening the show" for Bon Jovi at the Air Canada Centre.  For further interesting perspectives on how math and music are related, please read Byron Pascoe's story in its entirety here:

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Have fun jamming to some music and math!  Cheers!  --James Hester, Breakthrough Music Today


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