Shopping for instruments, music and books can be a daunting task for students.  HOMESTYLE MUSIC owner Katie Hester has over 25 years teaching experience and a music education degree.  She recommends the following products for beginner to intermediate students to help you make a great choice.  An article with more details on instrument purchase is at the bottom this page.  Only basic pianos and guitars are listed here at the top!


For electric or digital PIANO KEYBOARDS, we recommend Yamaha or Casio brands.  Piano keyboards come in different sizes.  We only recommend searching for fully-weighted with 88 keys  ($450-$900), or 61 keys touch sensitive ($130-$230).  Students can typically use a 61 key keyboard for the first couple years, if needed.  Full-size keyboards are best, but the price difference, weight, and size is appealing to many students.  For GUITARS and BASSES we recommend Ibanez, Fender, Gibson, or Yamaha brands whether acoustic or electric.  For guitars and basses, we recommend a 3/4 junior size (not 1/2) for small hands.  Most students, under 8 or 9 years old, benefit from this but it’s short lived.  Students will eventually need a full size guitar or bass, so keep that in mind...However, too low a quality will discourage students with the sounds and the difficulty to play it.   $150-$450 is a good range for a starting guitar or bass.   For AMPLIFIERS, the Line 6 brand offers a lot of quality starter amps.  Other accessories to consider getting are a piano bench and stand, as well as a guitar capo, bag,  cable for amplification.  For WIND INSTRUMENTS, the Eastar brand makes decent lower priced introductory ones, Yamahas tend to cost a little more but with great quality, as well as Conn for trumpets and Armstrong or Gemeinhardt for flutes.  You will need valve oil for trumpets.  Cleaning kits are helpful for all of the other wind instruments.  Learning to appropriately clean wind instruments is extremely important for hygiene and the longevity of the instrument.  For ORCHESTRAL STRINGS we recommend Palatino or Eastar brands for those who desire minimal investment with children who are growing and will soon need the next size.  Otherwise Yamaha is our go to brand for better quality orchestral strings.  Amazon has an amazing selection of quality instruments so we recommend purchasing through them.  Simply type in the brands and instruments recommended in this article!  HAPPY MUSIC SHOPPING!