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Homestyle Music was developed out of a passion for sharing music with others.  
We believe music enriches a person's life beyond measure.  
Our students learn various types of music and are given opportunities to perform!

Homestyle Music  teachers are trusted professionals in their areas of study.  All of our teachers have background checks and references available upon request.  We aim to be thorough, yet flexible, fun, and well-rounded in our approach to teaching music.  Students are taught the fundamentals while still having the chance to incorporate learning the styles of music they prefer.  We look forward to sharing our love of music with you! 

Katie Hester - Piano, Guitar, Flute 

Katie has studied music for over 20 years. She attained a B.A. in Music Education with a concentration on flute performance at Wayne State University.  Her love for several styles of music and instruments has inspired her to continue studies in piano, guitar, and saxophone.  She has taught music lessons for over 15 years and has 5 years experience as a band and general music director in a school setting. 

Katie has performed in numerous bands/orchestras as well as solo. She is experienced in classical, rock, jazz/blues and Contemporary Christian music.  Music she has composed and recorded can be found at her site:  Videos of her performing music can also be found on her YouTube channel KatieFlute8. 

  She is able to perform by reading or by ear.  Katie believes in achieving musical success with all students. This is accomplished through a focus on the fundamentals of rhythm, reading notes, understanding theory, etc.  She is determined to have students who enjoy learning music.  After all, a student who enjoys a subject is likely to continue studying it!

Richard Ross -Guitar, Piano, Bass 

Richard has been a professional musician and teacher for over 25 years.  He has taught have taught as an adjunct Professor of Jazz Guitar at Miami-Dade Community College.  He also taught as a general music teacher for the Broward Public Schools in south Florida and for the Cobb County District Schools in the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Richard has studied guitar privately for 15 years with Vince Bredice who has published many books on guitar for Mel Bay Publishers, one of the largest music publishers in the world.  He has done private studies in Early Music of the Renaissance period with Joseph Iadone a disciple of Paul Hindemith. Richard attended seminars in Jazz Guitar with legendary guitarists Joe DiOrio, Tal Farlow and Jack Wilkins. 

His philosophy of teaching is to help the student play the music that he or she wants to play and give the student a practical understanding of the instrument and music theory.  He teaches the skills that enable students to apply themselves to all forms of music. Each student is an individual and is taught in a manner that inspires his or her personality. 

Greg Izenour -Drums, Guitar, Bass 

_Greg started playing guitar at about the age of thirteen, with exposure earlier to piano and trumpet. A band he was familiar with needed a bassist, so he bought a bass and got started learning songs by other classic or hard rock type bands. He played in local clubs with original bands throughout high school and early college years, then decided to attend The Atlanta Institute of Music to study bass in a dedicated format. Greg graduated with honors in the spring of 1996. While there, he learned the concepts, principles, and techniques that can be applied to a lifetime of musical learning and progression. 

During the last 10 years, Greg has been broadening his musical horizons studying and teaching acoustic and electric guitar and drums. Also, he has been involved with in-depth study of recording techniques and mixing. As a music teacher for the past 15 years, Greg has worked with students ranging in age from 6 to 55-years old. With a unique combination of fun and academics, he has refined his abilities to help students to learn quickly and productively. In addition to teaching, he stays busy writing original music and gigging with various local artists. 

Teresa Unkefer - Piano 

At five years old, Teresa began her study of the piano. She later received her Bachelor’s degree in Christian Education and Music and has enjoyed providing piano accompaniment in her church throughout the years. Teresa and her husband, David, married over 30 years, are the parents of three children, two graduates from KSU and one in the pre-med program at UGA. As in her previous home education program, she creatively fits piano lessons to the individual student.  Since 2004, Teresa has taught beginning piano to a variety of ages. Teresa’s patient piano instruction is fun and motivating. Located within minutes of much of Cobb and Cherokee counties, she is easily accessible.  Her goal for teaching piano: To encourage students to give the gift of music to others!


"We love Mrs. Katie! She makes music fun and we wouldn't trade her for the world!" --Stephanie S. 

"My girls are really progressing well in their lessons with Mike Hale.  We are very pleased that they are enjoying music." --Rich S. 

"We love Richard! Wow, he is a really good teacher." --Karla C. 

"We had a great experience with Elizabeth Saller!." --K. Willis 

"We love Meg. She is an excellent teacher!" --Katherine K. 

"Miss Beth is a great teacher. She is thoughtful and caring. I have moved to Maryland and wish she could come with me to continue my son's lessons" --Claudia S. 

"Mr. Ross is great! He has created a love for piano in my son." --Khyati D. 

"Mike Hale is a warm and caring professional. He is very knowledgeable about music. He always 
encouraged my child to continue improving in piano. We have moved to another state now, but we are thankful for the years of instruction with Mr. Hale." --Sophia M. 

"We are so pleased with the love for playing the piano that Ms. Unkefer has created in him. 
I'm so glad I found Homestyle Music." --Chi A. 

"My child had a wonderful experience. We are so glad we found Homestyle Music. Ms. Johnson is a great teacher." --Harriett S. 

"Mike Hale has been very kind to my children. We are glad he shared his talents with us!" --Maribel B. 

"Mr. Hale has been wonderful and we will miss him greatly. Thanks for providing the link between teacher and student. We have enjoyed having Mr. Hale in our home and lives." --Timothy & Michelle B. 

"Mrs. Katie is an excellent teacher! I am very thankful for more than 8 years of patient, but passionate, instruction for my child. She has helped my child grow and build self-confidence. I am so thankful for Homestyle Music!" --Alex V.

2018-2019 POLICY

for Teresa Unkefer, Greg Izenour, and Richard Ross

2018-2019 Homestyle Music Vacation Days:  

Thanksgiving: Nov 19th-Nov 24th  
Christmas: Dec 24th-Dec 29th  
Spring Break: Apr 1st-Apr 6th
Summer Week: July 1st-July 6th

*School-Year Vacations* 
Music lessons will continue as scheduled on non-vacation days, including school breaks that are not noted as Homestyle Music Vacation Days. Please tell your teacher ahead of time if you plan on being out of town during any of these days. A make up lesson can be offered if notice is given ahead of time. 

*Fee Payment Schedule* 
All payments are due on the 1st day of the month. 
All students will receive 4 lessons per payment. 
Pro-rating is only offered May 28th through July 28th, 2017. 
(maximum of two weeks allowed off for reserving teacher schedules) 

Payment Due Date below corresponds with the lesson dates in the parenthesis 

August 1st 2018 - July 30th 2019

Aug 1st (8/1-8/28), Sept 1st (8/29-9/25), Oct 1st (9/26-10/23), Nov 1st (10/24-11/27), Dec 1st (11/28-1/1), Jan 1st (1/2-1/29), Feb 1st (1/30-2/26), Mar 1st (2/27-3/26), Apr 1st (3/27-4/30), May 1st (5/1-5/28), June 1st (5/29-6/25), July 1st (6/26-7/30).


***CALL 404-488-1569 for PRICES and PAYMENT OPTIONS*** 

***All payments are equal from August through May *** 
Lessons may only be pro-rated during the lessons associated with June 1st and July 1st payments 
(2 weeks prorated  between June 1st and July 1st payments total in order to hold your time with your teacher) 
Teachers are not allowed to take off, without prior approval from Homestyle Music, and 
pro-rate student payments.  Makeup lessons will be offered to students when teachers must miss scheduled lessons.  Payment due on the 1st of any month is non refundable for that billing period once paid. 
Pro-rated payments may only be offered by an owner or administrator of 
Homestyle Music. 
 Monthly payments are due the 1st of each month, or prior to the lessons being given.  Payments received after the 3rd day of the month are late and will incur a $15 late fee.  Music lessons are cancelled if the student's payments are not received by the 7th day of the month lessons will be in .  Teachers NEVER collect payments from students.  There will be NO LESSONS on Sundays. 

Homestyle Music's office hours are: 
Monday-Thursday 11AM-7PM 
Friday 11AM-6PM 
Saturday 10AM-2PM 
Closed Sunday. 

Make-up lessons: 
Make-up lessons are offered for missed lessons whenever a minimum of 48 hours notice is given for any cancellation. The scheduling of make up lessons is contingent upon the instructors' teaching schedules. 
Book Fees: 
Book Fees are collected by each individual instructor for individual lessons. 
Instructor and Student Timeliness 
Our teachers are given a 15 minute window for arrival time when traveling to your home for a lesson. This is to allow for traffic and driving situations that may occur. The studio lessons start and end at the time of the lesson the student agreed to. 

*** A parent or guardian of legal age must be present in the lesson home or building during all lessons. Homestyle Music will not provide music lessons without an authorized parent or guardian present.  If a Homestyle Music teacher arrives for a lesson and a minor student is not accompanied by an authorized adult, no lesson will take place and that student's parent or guardian will not be refunded for the lesson.*** 

As always, we encourage our families to contact us at anytime!

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